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The Complete Demetra Anti-Aging Beauty Routine with Pure Snail Slime

The Complete Demetra Anti-Aging Beauty Routine with Pure Snail Slime

Pure Snail Slime 85% - 50 ml

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The complete Demetra treatment for a high-performance anti-aging Beauty Routine powered by pure snail slime.

The complete treatment includes: Eye Contour, Face Cream, Serum, and the brand new Multi-Active Drops. These four specific products are designed for facial care and offer regenerative and smoothing effects due to the high concentration of pure snail mucus in the formulations, enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid and liposomal vitamins A-E-F-C for intensive brightening and anti-aging action.


After thorough cleansing, the first step is to apply the Eye Contour. Simply pat a small amount of the product until fully absorbed. It is a light and delicate cream-gel formula with natural active ingredients that offer a soothing and refreshing effect.

Second step, the Serum. Apply a dollop of the product on the face; it will be quickly absorbed by the skin as the Serum is formulated to penetrate deeply, ensuring deep hydration. Additionally, thanks to the high percentage of snail mucus, it stimulates collagen production, providing a natural firming effect.

Third step, the Cream. Its synergistic action with the face Serum will allow for better absorption of active ingredients while offering a nourishing and elasticizing action for the skin of the face, neck, and décolleté.

Last but not least, the new Multi-Active Drops, a booster of pure snail mucus enhanced with liposomal vitamins for antioxidant action. This extremely versatile product can be used pure directly on the cleansed face, particularly on spots and discolorations, wrinkles, and imperfections, or a few drops can be mixed with the Face Cream and/or the Serum to boost their efficacy and provide essential vitamins for skin care.

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  • Qualità dei prodotti certificata

    Certified quality

  • Cosmetici prodotti interamente in Italia

    Made in Italy

  • Cosmetici biologici

    Organic ingredients

  • Cosmetici con pura bava di lumaca

    84% snail slime

  • Cosmetici cruelty free

    Cruelty free

  • Rispetto per la natura

    Respect for nature