Shipping policy

  1. Delivery methods of material Products

    The material Products and/or digital goods supplied on a material support will be delivered tothe address indicated by the User, in the manner and within the term chosen or indicated on theApplication and set out in the order acknowledgement. Unless otherwise specified, the deliveryterms specified in the order confirmation indicate the period of time usually required to deliverthe Product from the time the courier takes delivery.

    In the event that it is not possible to deliver the Products requested, the User will be notifiedpromptly by e-mail, stating when delivery is expected or the reasons why delivery is impossible.

    If the User does not wish to accept the new deadline or if delivery has become impossible, theUser may request a refund of the amount paid, which will be credited promptly in the samemode of payment used by the User for the purchase within a maximum of 14 days from the dateon which the Holder became aware of the request.

    Upon receipt of the Product, the User is obliged to check its conformity with the order placed aswell as the integrity of the packaging. In the event of obvious damage to the packaging and/orthe Product, the User may refuse delivery of the Product and may return it at no charge tohim/her. Once the delivery document has been signed, the User may not object in any way tothe external characteristics of the Products delivered.

    The Owner shall not be liable to any party or third party for damages, losses and costs incurredas a result of non-performance of the contract due to force majeure.