Demetra fra le 5 aziende Green della Romagna: Intervista di Rimini Today

Demetra Rimini: A Leading Emerging Green Farm in Emilia Romagna

Demetra Rimini: A Leading Emerging Green Farm in Emilia Romagna

Demetra Rimini has been named among the top five emerging green farms in Emilia Romagna by the Medical Scientific Observatory.

Snail farming - Demetra Rimini

The snail farm, founded a couple of years ago in the hills of Rimini by Daniele Bartocci, will be featured in the official magazine of the authoritative Health Agency as an emerging brand in the national territory for biological sustainability, zero emissions, and environmental protection.

The official tabloid of the Observatory, published by Golfarelli Editore International Group, will be distributed as a supplement to the most prestigious national newspapers and will also be distributed during the 25th edition of the "National Congress of Aesthetic Medicine (AGORà)" to be held in October in Milan. Specifically, the magazine, which will be released in September, will dedicate extensive coverage to Demetra with a particular focus on its eco-friendly policy and chemical-free philosophy.

In Demetra's snail farm, a no-stress and cruelty-free method is applied for the well-being of the snail, which is fed at regular cycles with seasonal vegetables (organic chard and turnip) grown directly in its habitat without the use of chemical agents or pesticides. Not surprisingly, thanks to the purity of the water used in Demetra’s farm, tests carried out in the ISMAC laboratory in Gatteo have shown the absence of bacterial contamination in all the mollusks present in the farm.

"Being among the top five emerging green farms in Emilia Romagna," explains Daniele Bartocci, "is a great source of pride and, in a way, also the reward for a journey on which we have invested a lot in terms of time and resources. When it comes to snail farming, both for the cosmetic and gastronomic segment, the quality of the product is an inescapable goal. And if such a prestigious body as the Medical Scientific Observatory has today decided to recognize our efforts, it means we are on the right track."

Source: RiminiToday

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