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Demetra's New Eye Cream: A Revolution in Skincare with 80.3% Pure Snail Slime

Demetra Presents: A Beauty Elixir Born from Snail Farms in Rimini

From the snail farms of the Rimini hills comes Demetra's new beauty elixir: an eye cream comprised of 80.3% pure snail slime. The main active ingredients in this revolutionary cosmetic product are hyaluronic acid and, as mentioned, 80.3% pure Helix Aspersa Muller snail slime. The slime is manually extracted to ensure both quality and a 100% cruelty-free process.

"The pure snail slime is an extraordinary ingredient," explains Daniele Bartocci, the owner of Demetra. "It naturally contains a range of active principles like allantoin and elastin. Combined with a high protein and vitamin content, these ingredients promote tissue oxygenation, visibly making the skin healthier and more radiant. Snail slime has a complex composition of active substances that make it a unique and irreplaceable cosmetic ingredient. Naturally found in the secretions of Helix Aspersa Muller is also glycolic acid, which directly stimulates collagen production, giving the face a more toned and smooth appearance. But it's the union with Calendula, with its powerful soothing effects, and Chamomile, known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, that makes Demetra's eye cream a reliable ally in combating free radicals and facial imperfections like bags and dark circles."

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